Deep Foundation Load Testing Equipment and Services

Bi-Directional Static Load Testing (BDSLT)

Bi-directional Static Load Testing (BDSLT) is the industry-recognized premier method for ascertaining the load-bearing capacity of deep foundations.  BDSLT applies load directly to the bearing strata of a deep foundation (the lower segments of shear plus the base).  It is the safest and most efficient method of testing, using a single foundation element as its own reaction system and keeping all load energy deep underground.  Bi-directional load testing takes less time and reduces risk compared to traditional top-down static or rapid load testing.

LTC provides the most experience and best value for your deep foundation testing needs. We are the only company in the USA whose primary business is bi-directional load testing. Each of our engineers and project managers is a partner in LTC with extensive experience in the field. Over the past two decades on hundreds of job sites around the world, we have seen it all. LTC has technical, managerial and supervisory knowledge that spans all aspects of test program design and implementation. LTC’s founders have published multiple peer-reviewed journal articles, developed patents and written test standards related to deep foundation testing. It is no idle boast to say that they helped write the book on bi-directional load testing. LTC provides a tailored level of services, training and consulting. We offer a free top down review of project needs and consultation with the project engineer.


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