I-395 Signature Bridge / Segmental Bridges

Project Location: Miami, FL

Signature Bridge rendering

Overview: Put a bow on it! LTC recently completed lateral and bi-directional axial static load testing (BDSLT) for phase 1 of the I-395 reconstruction (“Signature Bridge”) in Miami, FL, working alongside Archer-Western/de Moya Group JV, HJ Foundations (Keller), Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc. and and GEO-Instruments.

The project is significant not only for its very distinctive architectural design, but because it is also one of the first applications of augered-cast-in-place (ACIP) piles for a roadway bridge structure in the United States. By the numbers, the test program encompassed 7 axial and 3 lateral test piles with a combined installed length of 1,073 feet (327 m), instrumented with a total of 512 vibrating wire strain gages and a combined total of 32,973 kips (146,671 kN) of applied test load.

LTC is very proud to have been selected for this high-profile, first-of-its-kind project.

LTA assembly welded in test pile cage
Preparing to install the assembly into the wet grout.