LVCVA Convention Center Expansion

Project Location: Las Vegas, NV

Overview: The already-impressive Las Vegas Convention Center is growing!  The expansion project will add 1.4 million square feet to the existing facility.  LTC was contracted by Hayward Baker Inc. to perform bi-directional load tests on two test shafts as part of the preliminary design process undertaken by Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES).  Both shafts were 91 feet deep and drilled with a nominal 30” diameter.  Use of the bi-directional method was ideal to load the caliche layer which resists the majority of the foundation loads. See our Youtube channel for a time-lapse video of the install (special thanks to Geo-Instruments).

Preparing the beams for strain gages.
Another lovely July day day in Vegas! Good day to drill.
Beams are cheap and easy to pick. Why use a cumbersome rebar cage?
Lowering the test assembly to its final elevation.
Very portable test setup.