Other Services

Top Load Testing

Load Test Consulting can assist with traditional top down axial compressive or tensile (pull-out) load testing in accordance with D1143M (2013) and ASTM D3689M (2013) respectively. LTC generally does not perform these load tests since many local companies can perform them at lower costs. But we can assist with design and procurement of axial load test setup (jacks, load cells, instrumentation and data collection equipment and full load test data reports and analysis for a single test program or get you set up for all future tests.

Bridges in the NW

Lateral Load Testing

LTC offers full service or supplemental lateral load testing services. We have extensive experience with all types of lateral load testing.  Services include:

  • Lateral load test design and implementation in accordance with ASTM D3966M (2013).
  • Assistance with design and procurement of lateral load test setup.
  • Conducting lateral load test.
  • Test data report and industry leading analysis.
Lateral Load Test  
Note: Others are responsible for setting up reaction piles and loading struts as needed and to provide Engineer approval for the structural components as per ASTM D3966M (2013) if applicable. However, we will provide detailed designs and test configurations for Engineer approval.  



Lateral Setup

Lateral Closeup




LTC offers specialty training to our for bi-directional load testing that we believe exists no where else in the world.  The more our clients learn, the more they can do for themselves. This will lead directly to significant savings. Since are we still involved and in many cases still on site during critical tasks, risk is not increased. Occasionally our clients just need some expert advice or limited and specific services. We are not afraid to share our knowledge.  

Non-Destructive Testing

LTC offers other testing services, either directly or indirectly through its affiliates and subcontractors. If you only want to deal with one vendor, we can make it happen. They include but are not limited to:

  • Proof Testing and / or Tip Improvement utilizing Full Scale Calibrated Jacks
  • TIP (Thermal Integrity Profiling)
  • CSL
  • Shaft Tip Inspection
  • Shaft Calipering (Profiling)