West Mission Bay Drive Bridge

Project Location: San Diego, CA

Overview: LTC was contracted by Condon-Johnson and Associates to perform a bi-directional load test on a preliminary test shaft.  The 3 meter diameter shaft was over 150 feet deep and constructed with an oscillator and grab. The site work and all the drilling was entirely performed on a trestle. The length of the test shaft required the assembly be built in two pieces and spliced over the excavation. The test results could not have been better. They confirmed the design and added insight to the other NDT results. See our upcoming DFI Journal article for more details. Special thanks to Condon-Johnson, Flatiron, Group Delta, TY Lin and the City of San Diego. Great team effort.

San Diego has beautiful weather 350 days out of the year.
Another perfect pick.
Top cage picked.
Removing the temporary portion of the casing.
And yes, even in San Diego it can be windy, rainy and cold. No stopping us on test day!