Additional Information

LTC is the only company in the USA whose primary business is bi-directional load testing. Our principals have been perfecting BDSLT systems, installations and testing for over 20 years. This focus, experience and our low overhead, allow us to bring exceptional value to every testing project with the lowest risk possible. If you need any type of static load test, tension, compression, top load, you may find we can improve your schedule and lower your costs, even at loads under 500 tons.

Although bi-directional static load testing has long been performed in general compliance with ASTM D1143/D1143M, there are specific considerations unique to BDSLT. ASTM now has a bi-directional load test Standard. Here is a link to ASTM’s news release. It is currently available for sale at at ASTM’s web site. Here is a direct link:  D8169/D8169M-2018.


Why Choose US

LTC provides the best overall value of any of the BDSLT contractors. We do this with ultra low overhead and innovative equipment and service delivery approaches. Our field staff are all owners. They have direct field experience on hundreds of projects. Through our innovative delivery of deep foundation bi-directional load testing services (sometimes referred to as “O-cell(R) testing”), LTC is changing the calculations for how deep foundations are designed, tested and constructed. LTC provides a tailored level of services, training and consulting. We enable our clients to gain skills and expertise. Contractors can gain an edge in bidding or just cut costs or schedule by choosing for themselves how much we do and how much they do.  But no worries, we are always there as partners to insure no increase in risk occurs. Our project consulting services can save our clients even more through our innovative test design expertise. Not all test providers have our personal experience with the design, execution and the results of so many load tests around the world. We can save you money that you, or our competitors may not even know is being wasted.

Decades of Load Testing Experience

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. LTC is active in DFI, ASCE, ASTM and ADSC as members, Vice-Chairmen and Chairmen of various committees. We are plugged in. We know that no quality contractor wants to save a few bucks only to see expenses rise due to higher risks or costly mistakes. LTC’s principals and on-site consultants have combined direct experience with over a thousand bi-directional deep foundation static load tests. Over the past two decades on hundreds of job sites around the world, we have seen it all. LTC has technical, managerial and supervisory knowledge that spans all aspects of test program design and implementation. LTC’s founders had direct and impactful involvement during the development of bi-directional load testing.  They have published multiple peer-reviewed journal articles centered in the deep foundation industry and helped develop patents and test standards. It is no idle boast to say that they helped write the book on bi-directional load testing.

Client Centered Approach

LTC trusts our clients. Our goal is to provide you with the right amount of equipment and services, training and assistance for your foundation testing program. We offer the most efficient way to deliver the highest quality bi-directional load testing.  Our experienced clients need less and hence, spend less. We offer a free top down review of project needs and consultation with the project engineers as appropriate. But if a client wants us to take care of everything, we are happy to do everything. We do it all the time.