California High Speed Rail, Phase 1, Package 2 and 3 (Tule River)

Project Location: Corcoran, CA

Overview: The California High Speed Rail (CAHSR) project load testing continues. LTC was chosen by Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring for testing at the Tule River segment near Corcoran, CA. Phase 1, divided into four construction Packages, will connect the northern and southern Central valley from Fresno to Bakersfield. LTC is proud to have been selected from among multiple bidders to perform all the BDSLT testing on this segment.

The project site was challenging due to being adjacent to a very active freight rail line. LTC performed three static axial load tests on 72-inch drilled shafts up to 205 feet in depth. We also tested all three laterally, reusing the axial test shafts. From a technical perspective, all tests were a success and gave the general contractor and engineer, Dragados-Flatiron JV and Jacobs Engineering respectively, valuable insight on the geotechnical characteristics of this relatively remote site. One interesting feature of the project was the depth of the lateral load test, being as much as 12 feet below grade with loads up to 1,500 kips.

Preparing for Another Lateral Load Test
Drilling the First Test Shaft
Readying Cage 1 of 3 for Installation

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