California High Speed Rail, Phase 1, Package 2 and 3 (Cross Creek)

Project Location: Hanford, CA

Overview: Following up closely on a successful test program at SR-43, Condon Johnson and Associates (CJA) selected LTC to conduct three bi-directional and three lateral load tests on 72-inch diameter, 120-foot-deep test shafts at the Cross Creek Viaduct. The testing program at this remote site was on a very tight schedule. The first shaft was tested during the winter holidays, and four of the six tests in total (two axial and two lateral) completed within the span of one week in order to keep the construction plan on track.

Early morning picks are the best

Project challenges included the typical CAHSR deep cutoff for lateral testing, as well as some amazingly thick central California fog (see photos). LTC continues its track record of being selected as the bi-directional testing provider of choice for California High Speed Rail, currently the highest profile infrastructure project in the country.

Another smooth install
Lateral load testing

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