ES#24 – Denton Elementary School

Project Location: Denton, TX

Overview: LTC was contracted by D&S Engineering Labs to perform bi-directional load testing on three preliminary ACIP test piles.  The piles were all 24” diameter and excavated to varying depths. Russo Corporation, the ACIP contractor, installed an instrumented beam with attached 10″ jack into each hole. All three piles were installed in a short day. The test program gave D&S all the necessary information to finalize design the next week. As is usually the case, the testing paid for itself and more, and added confidence to the foundation. We built the assemblies in D&S’ shop and they trucked them to the site. LTC cannot say enough good things about D&S Engineering Labs and Russo.

Getting started.
Installing the assembly into the wet grout.
Beautiful Texas day. Load testing weather.

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