Integris Baptist Medical Center Expansion

Project Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Overview: Recently, our good client Bill Powers at PTM Engineered Foundation Construction asked LTC to assist with a unique test program.  Integris Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City’s premier hospital complex, is expanding.  In order to support the addition of a new tower in the existing footprint of the hospital, PTM was contracted to install micropiles inside a parking garage structure.  The test program called for one compression and one tension test, with unusually high scrutiny of the testing procedure data and results.

LTC assisted with the test program by providing instrumentation, data logging and report preparation, in strict accordance with ASTM D1143 (compression test) and ASTM D3689 (tension test).  Creep behavior was of special concern due to the site stratigraphy, so tight load control and precise displacement measurements were key.

Oklahoma City being what it is, we entered the building to start the tests in short-sleeve weather and emerged two days later to a foot-thick blanket of snow.  Also, during the course of testing a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck nearby.  Neither sleet nor snow nor tremors threw LTC off our game however.  The tests were successful and allowed to project to proceed on schedule.

Running the compression load test


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