Middle School no. 9 and Elementary School no. 25

Project Location: Prosper and Aubrey, TX

Installing test piles ’till the cows come home

Overview: The Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex continues to experience rapid population growth, and the township of Denton is busy building schools to keep up.  Just two years ago LTC was involved in the construction of Elementary School #24, and now Elementary School #25 and Middle School #9 are breaking ground.

As with the previous project, D&S Engineering Labs contracted LTC to perform a total of six tests on the two sites.  Six 18” diameter augercast test piles were assembled in Russo Corporation’s yard, trucked to the two separate sites and all installed in 3 days.  The following week, LTC returned and ran six tests in three days to keep the fast-track project on schedule.

It wouldn’t be North Dallas without the mud

As always, working with Russo and D&S Labs was a treat, everyone put forth tremendous effort to get the test program successfully completed at a very fast pace.

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