Redmond Link Extension – Redmond, WA

Project Location: Redmond, WA

Beam with instrumentation installed, concreting

Overview: The light rail systems in the Seattle area are well known. Sound Transit is adding two stops to its Redmond, WA line in downtown Redmond. Stacy and Witbeck/Kuney (SWK) is the Prime JV. Michels Corporation constructed the test shafts. This project was performed at the peak of the COVID crisis. We have a lot of respect for all the professionals who worked safely and got the critical infrastructure project completed.

The project included two test shafts. Each was constructed with oscillated segmental casings to tip. One test shaft had jacks on a single level and the other deeper shaft had jacks at two levels. The test loads exceeded 7,500 kips and 6,000 kips respectively. The testing successfully verified the design parameters for the design engineer, Hart Crowser and allowed the project to proceed on schedule.

Light rain for the load test (odd for the Seattle area)

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