San Manuel Casino Expansion

Project Location: Highland, CA

Overview: LTC was contracted by Condon Johnson and Associates to perform multi-level bi-directional load testing on two dedicated test shafts.  Both shafts were 78 feet deep, one drilled with a nominal 24” diameter and the second with a nominal 36” diameter.  Because the project location is in a seismically-active region, extensive testing was called for by the engineer, with separate compression, tension and lateral test shafts.  However, the site footprint was restricted and the time schedule very aggressive.  Use of the multi-level test arrangement yielded all necessary shear and bearing capacity data from just two test shafts, which then also served as reaction shafts for lateral testing.

Condon Johnson making quick work of the excavation.
Just enough room for a couple of test piles.
Surface cage added after beam assembly for subsequent lateral testing.

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