California High Speed Rail, Phase 1, Package 2 and 3 (SR-43 Viaduct)

Project Location: Laton, CA

Early morning on install day

Overview: Deep foundation load testing saves money and schedule in California. The San Joaquin valley in central California is the most productive agricultural valley in the world.  If you’ve ever enjoyed plums, oranges, almonds or pistachio nuts, there’s a good chance that your snack traveled to market on CA State Road 43 (SR43).  The California High-Speed Rail (CAHSR) crosses SR43 near the town of Laton.  Because this viaduct crosses a vital road artery, the structure is of particular interest to both the California High-Speed Rail Authority and to CalTrans.  Knowing the project is under the microscope, Condon Johnson and Associates (CJA) contracted LTC to carry out the bi-directional and lateral load test on a 48-inch diameter, 124-foot deep test shaft.

Deep cut-off lateral test

Project challenges included the typical CAHSR deep cutoff for lateral testing, as well as the fact that CJA chose for logistics and scheduling reasons to go directly into production.  This meant that both the axial and lateral tests were conducted on a live, congested site with adjacent shaft construction activities (drilling, lifting cages and concreting), and the clock was ticking for the test results.  In the end both tests were successful, with a total equivalent axial test load of 5,975 kips and lateral test load of 800 kips applied to the shaft, with full data reports including strain gage analysis submitted within days of testing.

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