Valwood Cross Roads

Project Location: Ft. Worth, TX

Overview:  It’s usually quite easy to install a bi-directional jack inside CFA piles, and the test can substitute for both a compression and tension test.  Although the jack is sacrificial, when the total cost of drilling two or four reaction piles, mobilizing the test beam to site and setting it up and again taking it down are added up, it can often be more efficient to conduct the bi-directional test instead.  Russo Corporation did the math on their Valwood Cross Roads project, and realized that an LTC bi‑directional test on a dedicated 18” diameter, 47-foot deep test pile was the best value for money.

Installing the assembly.
The beam and attached LTA lowers right into the wet grout.
Testing in the Texas mud…
Top-down reaction beam got left behind in Russo’s yard…

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